Our Product

Feel at home!

Maximum comfort

Ona Club de Vacaciones Travel Vacations would like you to feel at home when you travel. So, our resorts and apartments offer you maximum comfort.

Multiservice Aparthotels

Staying in a hotel is much more than sleeping in a bed.

At Ona Club de Vacaciones we believe that travelling is an experience. For this reason, we want your experience to be as broad and comprehensive as possible.

In our resorts you will find a reception and cleaning service, tour information and you can also enjoy new gastronomic experiences with restaurant services, relaxation in our wellness centers and spas and family activities for adults and children performed by our entertainment team.

Our value, the space

At Ona Club de Vacaciones we believe that to feel at home there must be space.

For this reason, all our complexes and apartments have multiple units: a separated dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Let the kids play in the dining room while you relax in the bedroom, make dinner or lunch while the children watch TV or enjoy an aperitif in the balcony while others have a swim in the pool. We have apartments in the range from 45m² to 120m² being the SPACE their main feature.

Interior finishes and equipment

We have to say that we love details.

Therefore, we are constantly improving our units with top quality equipment.

Air conditioning, flat screen televisions, towels, bed linen, kitchen utensils, microwave ovens and lots of details to make your stay in Ona Club de Vacaciones aparthotels a refreshingly new experience.

The made to measure holiday

If there is anything that stands out from our product, that is its freedom of choice.

The combination of hotel services offered by our resorts and the possibilities of our holiday apartments allow you to live according to your taste.

Are you of those who like cooking or simply a thrifty person? All of our kitchens are fully equipped. Are you of those who just want to relax? Then enjoy the gastronomic restaurants in our complexes.

Now you will be the one deciding how to live your holidays.

Ask here for the use of your week or  book extra days through our online booking engine.

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